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Looking for IT experts to take care of your company’s technology and keep it running smoothly? Curious if your current technology is giving you the most bang for your buck? Want your company team to work smarter? We do all this and more with our Houston technology services.

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Our clients have positive reviews of our managed technology services and solutions. Read these reviews to learn what companies love about our technology services in Houston, TX and to see if we are a good fit for your technology management needs.


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Signature Package

You're busy and need your company’s technology taken care of by proactive, competent and reliable consulting services. Whether you have five company employees or 500, you need to keep money flowing into your business. Enable your team to work anytime, anywhere. Protect your business from malware and non-compliance penalties. Optimize the way your business uses technology with the help of an IT support management team.

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Full Money Back Guarantee:
If you're not satisfied, your first three months are on us!

If Xvand can't fully resolve all your issues and deliver the promised services within 3 months of the complete transition, we'll refund 3 months of service costs (excluding Microsoft licensing charges and other subscriptions costs). We'll also actively assist you in transitioning to another MSP at no extra cost. The only requirement for this guarantee is your full engagement in working together to address and resolve the issues. We've got your back!

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Free Health Check-up

Just like you, your company technology needs a check up at least quarterly. Our IT management experts will quickly and efficiently identify any significant problems with your network and security systems—for free.

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Compliance Package
for Finance and Healthcare Businesses

Compliance with ever-changing industry regulations is critical to your company success. In addition to our Signature Business Package, Xvand IT services offers regulatory compliance expertise. Your team may be small, but we understand that your business needs are significant. Our experienced IT support team works with you to ensure your technology is reasonably aligned with your industry’s compliance requirements. Whether it's the cloud, onsite network, or security systems, our development solutions team can manage it all. Our services offer professional IT support onsite to allow your company to focus on other important management details.

make the frictionless switch

Full Money Back Guarantee:
If you're not satisfied, your first three months are on us!

If Xvand can't fully resolve all your issues and deliver the promised services within 3 months of the complete transition, we'll refund 3 months of service costs (excluding Microsoft licensing charges and other subscriptions costs). We'll also actively assist you in transitioning to another MSP at no extra cost. The only requirement for this guarantee is your full engagement in working together to address and resolve the issues. We've got your back!

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If you have questions or want additional details about our Houston information technology solutions, you can reach out to our IT support team. Our IT services company would be happy to provide any information your enterprise needs.


IT Services in Houston, Texas

Current business culture relies heavily on information technology to simplify complex functions and concepts for streamlined workflows and improved efficiency. This has led to the systematic development of more innovative and advanced technological solutions for businesses. To successfully implement and manage these technological solutions in your Houston business, your enterprise needs qualified and experienced IT services to support you.

Luckily, you don’t have to hire on-premises professional IT services in Houston, Texas–you can outsource the management services to an IT support team. You just have to ensure that the company you’re outsourcing your Houston IT services to is qualified to offer such services and has all the necessary resources and capacity to provide you with excellent IT help for all your company cloud, network, and tech needs.

IT Services in Houston
Why You Should Hire Xvand


Why You Should Hire Xvand Services Houston

With Xvand IT support, you’ll enjoy a wide range of essential IT services in Houston. We have a large team of highly experienced IT support experts who’ll help you to set up your IT infrastructure and manage it so that you can spend your time focusing on other more important areas of your business.

Instead of hiring in-house IT services, you should partner with us for all your IT needs. Here are some of our main IT services for Houston, Texas businesses:


Professional IT Services in Houston

Our professional Houston IT support team helps you to plan, implement, and manage all your technology solutions, allowing you to achieve your daily business objectives. We take technical solutions and tailor them to ensure they work for you in a manner that fulfills your overall technology and business strategies and objectives. Our IT strategy consulting team can help manage your company network, site, computer systems, cloud database, cabling, web services, mobile and desk security, app solutions, and more.

The growing demand for streamlined technological solutions has pushed businesses to invest in “out-the-box” technology systems to meet industry standards and trends. Unfortunately, many of these systems are fairly new and multifaceted. If you lack the knowledge of using your complex IT solutions, our professional IT service Houston team is on hand to help you understand the complexities of your system and figure out the most effective ways to fix any IT-related challenges you could be facing within the business.

Professional IT Services

Additionally, our professional IT services in Houston, Texas are highly flexible. So, we’ll tailor our IT services to match your business needs. Our IT support team will assist you with every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Our main professional IT management services in Houston, Texas include:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Design and development
  • Project management
  • Deployment
  • Adoption and change management
  • Data analytics
  • Computer support

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services in the Houston area comprise a wide variety of remote hybrid IT solutions. Our IT support team will evaluate your existing technologies to see if they’re secure and functioning effectively. With our advanced IT services and many years of management experience, we can easily detect any weak points in your IT infrastructure and fix them immediately. This way, you can save money, minimize serious security risks, and boost your company’s productivity. Whether it's a desk computer onsite or a data cloud network, we can improve your business security and infrastructure.

You can leverage our managed IT services, Texas to minimize your internal IT workload and fill any existing gaps created by your current IT solutions and expertise. As a reputable managed service provider Houston, Xvand IT support helps you to cut your in-house overheads while increasing your effectiveness in handling essential IT and uptime management for your business team.


Managed IT

To ensure that all your IT-related functions and systems comply with local and international data regulatory authorities, we ensure that all our managed IT solutions align with the latest data protection and confidentiality standards in Houston and across the nation.

We’re IT support experts in managing desktops to minimize disruptions in your business and updating patches and virus protection. Here are some of our main managed IT services:

  • Remote management of hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Security services like monitoring the systems, testing for penetration, hunting threats, and responding to security incidents
  • Configuring, monitoring, and managing cloud services
  • Customer support


Cloud-Based IT

Your IT infrastructure's success and failure depend on the cloud computing solutions you’ve implemented across your business. With our cloud-based IT services, you’ll enjoy advanced cloud computing solutions like setting up your Office 365, transferring data, setting up emails, and installing data backups to the cloud or your business network.

We deliver excellent computing services over the cloud thus guaranteeing you faster innovation, economies of scale, flexible resources, and other benefits. Our leading cloud computing services include:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Software
  • Analytics
  • Intelligence

Cloud-Based IT_5

Because you’ll only pay for the cloud services you use, you can significantly reduce your operating cost without compromising the efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Furthermore, our cloud IT service is completely scalable, allowing you to scale your IT infrastructure as your business grows. Our information technology services can easily help grow your cloud network with your business.

Voice over IP

For your business to succeed, you must improve the way you interact with your customers. Contemporary customers don't have the patience to wait for your response to their queries and concerns for hours or days. They expect instant responses so that they can make important decisions on your company products or services.

Therefore, you need to implement advanced VoIP solutions to improve communication in your business. At Xvand IT support, we’ll provide you with innovative and reliable business communication tools like SMS, voicemail, and chatbots to make interactions with your customers more effective.

Our VoIP services will help you to integrate voice communications with chats, videos, and other digital tools to improve the productivity of your business and collaboration among your company’s personnel and customers.


Voice over IP
(VoIP) Services

Our innovative cloud-based VoIP solutions support different forms of team communication like video conferencing, text messages, instant messaging, and more so that you can streamline your business operations.

Whether you need all-purpose VoIP services or specialized solutions for a particular application like a call center, we have the right business solution for you. Here are our main VoIP services for Houston, Texas small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs):

  • Help desk services
  • Internet faxing
  • Cloud PBX


Network Auditing
and Reporting

You can’t utilize your network effectively if you don’t understand its configuration and workings. So, you need to audit your network periodically to understand its basics. With our team of IT experts, you’ll enjoy periodic evaluations of your IT infrastructure to check if there are any problems preventing you from utilizing it fully about our IT support and solutions.

Network audit