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Xvand Services

What We Do?

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Xvand provides Houston area businesses with comprehensive Managed IT services for consistent reliability, high-quality support and a focus on customer service. Our unique approach reduces IT costs, turns control of IT back to the business, and improves staff productivity across your organization.

How We Do It?

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Xvand has a team of developers and engineers that specialize in the integration of information systems. Xvand takes a partnership approach and allows their clients to reach out to Xvand’s technical team like a traditional IT department. And, we have a proprietary platform IsUtility® that can provide significant proactive improvements too small to mid-sized company’s IT reliability, accessibility, and costs.

Why Choose Us?

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Your employees will be more productive, because they will always have instant access to all of your data and software. With Xvand’s IsUtility® there are no server crashes, no equipment failures, and no internal network access problems.

Features and Benefits

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No Complex Onsite Setup / No New User or Software Integration Hassles
Unlimited Storage for All (Non-sql) Data and Applications
24/7 customized live support by local technicians
Full Scalability on All Applications / Fully compliant data Hosting support
State of the art disaster recovery and backup protection

Greater Technology Value for a Fraction of the Cost

While most IT support companies can only react to problems as they arise, Xvand’s approach is truly different. Our team of certified experts and our fully-redundant IsUtility® system proactively prevent issues from ever affecting your business – and we guarantee a minimum of 99.999% uptime for your business.


Your company will get local 24/7 helpdesk support that actually fixes any problems the first time every time. Xvand’s helpdesk is like having your own support team - at no extra cost. Whether you’re at the office or on the road, instantly resolve issues 24/7/365 by contacting our team of certified experts. Your company will have complete data security and protection from Viruses, Spyware, and Spam.
Our clients rely on Xvand to exceed the standards of third party auditors, like the Securities and Exchange Commission. Since Xvand’s inception in 2000 none of our clients have ever suffered a security breach. Your business will be protected from disaster. At Xvand, we don’t just simply recover your data. We also make sure it’s never compromised, period. Xvand has helped clients track billing and scheduling during tropical storm Allison, we rescued servers and restored data during Hurricane Katrina, and all of our clients’ systems were up and running at least 99.999% of the time during Hurricane Ike.
Your business will save money using Xvand services. You will never pay for software or services that you don’t use. You will also be able to eliminate capital costs for items like new hardware or annual software upgrades for your business. You have the option to let Xvand assume all of the hardware and support costs as part of your flat operating expense based monthly fee – reducing your Capex budget, and giving your business the flexibility to adapt instantly to evolving market conditions.
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