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Help Desk Services in Houston

Every business relies on technology to keep its operations running smoothly, but sometimes, systems crash or human errors create roadblocks. Xvand offers help desk services in Houston, giving your employees 24/7 access to expert, human help when critical issues arise and coverage for non-critical issues Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Your business relies on everything working as it should, and information technology (IT) is a major part of your daily operations and functions. With IT-managed services in Houston, Texas, you can minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

No matter how your business or application partners try to simplify the tech and software you work with, there will always be growing pains. Software updates, new employee onboarding, and scaling can cause hiccups and disruptions, which is where professional help desk services come to the rescue.

Help Desk Services at Xvand

Xvand recognizes that if companies and employees do not have access to IT support, productivity suffers. When your systems are down, employees are stuck, or your tech is not working with no help in sight, you are spending expensive labor hours just going in circles. This can lead to deadlines being pushed back and your client satisfaction declines. Can your company afford that?

With Xvand’s help desk services, you don’t need to worry. Our help desk is included with our Managed Services with no extra charges for support. We always have a real person answering the phone, which means that you won’t have to deal with monotonous phone trees or waste an hour to get an answer to what should be a quick question. We resolve 77% of our issues on the first call within just seventeen minutes because we don’t transfer your call from department to department. Our tech experts are highly trained and can walk you through the solutions you need.


IT Help Desk Versus ITSM

‘IT service management’ (ITSM) is a general term used to encompass how IT teams manage end-to-end delivery of IT services to users. This umbrella term includes all of the processes necessary to design, deliver, and support your business’s IT services.

Unlike an IT help desk, ITSM refers to the process of overseeing all of the workplace technology. This includes device management, server security and maintenance, and managing software applications that are critical to your business’s operations.

Help desk services, however, are more specialized and focused. These services are focused on helping users navigate issues with the business’s IT, and are therefore typically front-end focused.

Without help desk services, your company operates slower, which can result in financial loss. If employees spend their time trying to resolve IT issues on their own, they can‒at best‒spend costly labor hours trying to resolve a simple issue. At worst, they may do more damage to the system, which can result in unsecured data or system downtime.

With help desk services, resolving issues is as simple as a phone call. This means your employees enjoy fast results and your operations remain streamlined.

In-House and Outsource Help Desk Services

Hiring an in-house help services desk can be expensive. In addition to interviewing, hiring, and onboarding, you need to ensure your help desk professionals have the expansive skills to address each and every varied request they’ll encounter on the job. The truth is, it’s rare to find an IT expert who knows the ins and outs of every IT issue, which is why many help desk services hire multiple experts, which can add up quickly.

What about outsourcing? Many help desk services force your employees to sit on the phone line through a tedious phone tree and go through the lowest tiers of IT support; these are the people reading off of a script before they route you to an actual expert. This cuts down on productivity and results in frustrated employees at your organization. So, what’s the solution?


Get Support Now With Xvand

Xvand is an IT company that specializes in help desk services and network management in Houston, Texas. We offer help desk services with our Managed Service, where we never charge extra for full-coverage support that is available from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, alongside 24/7 support for critical issues.

Want to learn more about how you can streamline your IT support services, including how to set up IT automation in Houston, Texas to streamline your company’s efficiency? Schedule a free consultation with us today!

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