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Office 365 is among the most-used business software suites. Implementing ongoing, professional support from the specialists at Xvand ensures that you benefit from strategic guidance, ongoing account management, and speedy response times should you experience any issues.

Alongside private cloud services in Houston, Texas, we offer comprehensive Office 365 assistance, introducing cloud-based servers to provide the best in data security, information accessibility, and workflow management across your networks and systems.

Outsourcing Houston cloud backup and storage requirements to our multi-skilled team offers numerous advantages, from customizable capacity to automated archiving and a cost-effective solution that can scale alongside your business.

Why Use Microsoft Exchange as a Cloud-Based Server?

One of the recommendations we often make to commercial Office 365 users is to consider migrating their functions and software to Microsoft Exchange. Organizations that use our cloud solutions in Houston have the assurance of the respected Microsoft brand name and can delegate every aspect of the transition to our in-house technicians.

Cloud-based exchange servers are ideal for busy and devolved businesses where team members might be working in the field, remotely, or from different offices or locations. Data, files, email communications, and programs are accessible from anywhere, anytime, providing secure access to every approved user from any device.

Additionally, using Microsoft Exchange as a cloud-based server offers unparalleled reliability and scalability. It can effortlessly handle increasing volumes of data and users without the need for significant hardware upgrades. This scalability ensures that as your business grows, your communication infrastructure can grow with it seamlessly. Moreover, Exchange's built-in security features offer robust protection against cyber threats, ensuring your organization's communications are always secure.

We’ll look at some of the specific support services that may be most relevant. Still, the outcome is that all employees and managers can work on shared documents, contact lists, workflows, and files without downtime, the risk of data losses, or the expense of employing a full-time IT department to manage the administration of an on-premises server.


Our Office 365 Setup and Maintenance Services

The first step is implementing your choice of software and transferring files and data to avoid disrupting your business. We’re well versed in all the applications within Office 365, including:

  • Outlook: The advanced email system that includes information management features and integrates with all other software suites
  • Exchange: The cloud-based mail server and scheduling system that runs exclusively on Windows Server operating systems
  • Teams: A communications platform that functions as a virtual workspace, video conferencing tool and data storage system
  • Office Suites: Comprising the everyday software tools countless businesses use, including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  • OneDrive: Microsoft's cloud-based data storage and file hosting service where users share, sync, and archive files
  • SharePoint: A tool used to build websites, share, organize, and access information, and manage other content used in third-party applications

We can advise on the strategic implementation of software updates, team licensing requirements, and the products currently available within the Microsoft Office suite before helping to set up each service. Many businesses may, for example, already use some elements of Office 365 but need support identifying ways to reinforce their security or improving the way colleagues share data or communicate priority tasks.

Our consultants can implement any suitable measures, from customizing your email forwarding rules to adding advanced multi-factor authentication safeguards or reinforcing data protection protocols.


What Are Office 365 Managed Services?

The popularity of Office 365 and the broader Microsoft offering is down to the opportunities these software tools provide for businesses to collaborate and work securely and safely from any location. Following the initial setup of your selected services, exchange server, and communication tools, Xvand offers ongoing maintenance, acting as a managed service provider to make the most of your investment in advanced business IT.

Each business may have different objectives, but our role is to extract maximum benefit from Microsoft 365 and ensure your platform remains secure, cost-effective, and properly managed. Business owners and their workforces can focus on what they do best while we take care of all the tasks contributing to information protection and secure systems access, from device management to user controls and monitoring your system configurations.

Securing and Backing Up Your Office 365 Data

At Xvand, we understand the importance of securing your Office 365 environment and safeguarding your data against threats. Our security measures include advanced threat protection, multi-factor authentication, and ongoing monitoring to keep your suite safe. Additionally, we emphasize the necessity of backing up your Office 365 data to prevent loss and ensure you can recover quickly from any incident.

Our backup solutions are robust and reliable, designed to protect your emails, documents, and essential data from unforeseen events. With Xvand, you gain peace of mind knowing your Office 365 environment is secure and your data is always recoverable.

Choosing the Right Office 365 IT Support Services for Your Business

Depending on your needs, managed Office 365 services might include:

  • Guidance and advice when deciding which software, hardware, connectivity, and telecoms to invest in
  • Improved automation, augmenting team productivity by channeling repetitive tasks through your software using tailored automation tools
  • Technical support on demand, where our helpdesk teams are always available to provide real-time advice to assist with any problems

Our support services combine cost-efficiency, reliability, and expertise. If you'd like more information about Office 365 IT support services and how they would benefit your organization, get in touch with Xvand today!

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