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Private cloud services offer small and growing businesses access to a dedicated computing environment with the ultimate flexibility, functionality, and affordability–improving security and assurance across the board. Xvand’s cloud services in Houston are designed specifically for SMBs, bridging the gap between unviable cloud solutions suited to larger corporations and insecure and inadequate systems.

With a focus on providing access to innovative modern computing, improving business-wide data protection and cybersecurity safeguards, and helping clients make informed decisions about the right options for their businesses, we offer end-to-end support.

What Is a Private Cloud Business Computing Environment?

Private cloud computing offers complete cloud-based infrastructure. In practice, that means business users access cloud-based desktops to store, access, and backup systems, software, networks, resources, data, and files.

Our multi-tenant solution is built with architecture where only verified clients can tap into the cloud environment, with total privacy, access control, and segregation–making private cloud services substantially more affordable for SMBs. This structure offers exceptional cybersecurity protection for all business resources, enabling oversight and control through a self-service portal.

Xvand created our multi-tenant private cloud environment with full redundancy and without any single point of failure. These features are important for every business, as they mean there are no potential flaws or vulnerabilities, which could otherwise pose a risk of downtime, malfunction, or data loss.

Enterprise-grade private cloud services are ideal for businesses looking for secure, safe, and dependable computing with a competitive price, easy anytime access from any device, and always-on uptime.


What Are the Advantages of Private Cloud Services for SMBs?

Cloud computing is undoubtedly the most advanced way for growing businesses to manage their applications and systems. Rather than using an on-site data center or local server that is exposed to risk and carries considerable maintenance and administration costs, a cloud solution covers all requirements, from databases to software, storage to analytics.

The challenge for many SMBs is that the two conventional solutions both present possible problems:

  • Single-client private cloud services are costly and commonly out of the reach of SMBs. There are no cost-saving efficiencies and all development and monitoring projects may incur further expenditure.
  • Public cloud environments often have issues around limited control, underprotection, a lack of security, and concerns around data ownership.

Private multi-tenant cloud environments offer a suitable way forward with compelling benefits, which we'll explore next.

Streamlined Commissioning and Implementation

We recognize that many SMBs don't have the resources to recruit fully staffed in-house IT teams. Our private cloud services, therefore, do not require any technical expertise and have no additional rights or licensing requirements.

Xvand manages the transition and setup on your behalf, utilizing our years of expertise to offer support and ensure your cloud adoption process is smooth and completed promptly. Multi-tenant private cloud services offer a simplified onboarding process, where resources are readily available, bypassing the limitations of other architecture categories that commonly experience downtime or outages due to demand.

The Management Console is custom-designed by Xvand to ensure you can tailor your desktop to produce reports, provision new users, remove redundant user accounts, grant data access rights, and assign applications as required.

Outstanding Business Computing Reliability

Many SMBs rely on their applications and software to function, and the private cloud ensures that you use resources efficiently without requiring a complete overhaul of your hardware and broader IT infrastructure. We incorporate a disaster recovery (DR) site into our service, which provides assurance that if our primary data center were to experience an outage for any unforeseen reason, your cloud environment would remain available and accessible.

Cloud architecture is infinitely scalable and adaptable, where businesses can innovate at pace and manage their ongoing costs while having the flexibility to focus on developments, investments, and growth.

Affordable Enterprise-Grade Security

Your private cloud services are covered by one inclusive price without any additional expenditures linked to maintenance, security patches, software upgrades, or specialist support. As your cloud provider, we handle all the technical maintenance, updates, and deployments in the background, ensuring you maximize your productivity and uptime.

For SMBs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, the level of security available surpasses any other cost-comparable solution, ensuring you have the ideal balance between controlling your business overheads while accessing high-level cybersecurity safeguards across your applications.

Interested in how our multi-tenant private cloud services in Houston could benefit your small business? Get in touch with the Xvand team today, and we'll walk through the best options for your organization!

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