Your technology should have regular check-ups.

Xvand’s experts evaluate your current tech in terms of performance and security. We quickly identify any serious weaknesses so you can fix them. Save money, improve productivity and eliminate risks to your business. We’ll show you how— for free.

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Why should I get a Health Package?

Identify Your Technology’s Weaknesses — for Free

Many common IT problems faced by small and midsize businesses are easy to identify... if you know what to look for. Why not have an expert stop by and take a look under the hood—for free? If your technology hasn’t been performing its best, chances are we can find the problem at a glance. Even if your IT isn’t giving you trouble, we often find security vulnerabilities lurking beneath the surface. We can also suggest tools and new ways of doing business that save time and money. It never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes look at your system—especially when it costs you nothing. With our free health package, you

  • Identify performance issues
  • Find security vulnerabilities
  • Work smarter

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health check
health check
What's included

We check your system and security

Our health check covers two broad areas of business technology: performance and security. Below is a breakdown of key elements covered in the health package.

System Check

  • General Performance
  • State of IT environment
  • WiFi Performance
  • Phone Quality
  • Convenience and Productivity
  • Server specs, age, services
  • Network device detection
  • Redundancy report

Security Check

  • Share permissions report
  • Account assessment
  • Local PC risk assessment
    • Patches
    • A/V status
    • User sensitive data saved
    • Unsupported OS
    • Unsecured listening ports
  • Domain user permissions
  • WiFi Security
  • External vulnerability scan

How does it work?

Our Free Health Package Is Quick, Easy and Effective

We send one of our IT experts to your location to perform the free health package. Working with a few key members of your team, he or she will examine your systems with minimal disruption to your normal activities. The check takes only one day. We send you a complete report with recommendations within 24 hours.

Timeframe: One day

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health check

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If you have questions or want additional details about our Houston information technology solutions, you can reach out to our IT support team. Our IT services company would be happy to provide any information your enterprise needs.