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If you’re looking to elevate your business through network design, firewall procurement and configuration, network management and monitoring, and more, Xvand is your all-in-one solution for businesses based in Houston, Texas. Xvand is a leader in Houston-managed information technology (IT) services.

When you’re running your own business, the last thing you think about is your network management services‒until it becomes a problem. When your network is down, insecure, or slow, it can have a major impact on your workflow and can delay critical deadlines. We always say that your network management is doing its best when you aren’t even thinking about it.

From help desk services to ISP management, Xvand has the expertise and infrastructure to take your company to the next level.

Network Management and You

The total role of network management boils down to making sure resources are easily and securely accessible to users. Solid network management should leverage fault analysis‒the tool for determining the causes of certain network failures‒and performance management to optimize your network’s health.

In today’s digital world, everything that’s critical to your business requires an operational network. This includes everything from your payroll system and customer relationship management (CRM) files to getting Zoom to function on your desktop at work. Networks bring together hundreds of interacting digital components to ensure your business runs smoothly.


How It Works

Your network management system collects data from various connected devices, including:

  • Switches
  • Access points
  • Client devices (think: company computers and other internet-connected devices)
  • Routers
  • Firewalls

Data is captured from each of these devices and is used to identify and analyze performance issues, which helps to streamline troubleshooting processes, and monitor segmentation and security.

With remote and hybrid work becoming more popular in today’s workforce, network management faces a new and unique set of challenges. This is because remote work can come with a range of connectivity options and issues as well as security concerns. Modern network management tools must be automated and agile to reduce errors and efficiently facilitate decision-making through automation.

Additionally, remote work can open up gaps in your network’s security. With employees connecting to their home internet, your company’s network must remain secure to ensure no sensitive data is leaked or accessed by unauthorized users.


Why Network Management Is Critical for Business Owners

All of your work devices need to communicate with each other, your clients, and your target audience. This can come with additional challenges to companies because unsecured devices‒devices that belong to prospective and active clients‒need access to the internet but not your critical or confidential internal resources.

When your networks are set up properly, it can ensure that all communication is secure and streamlined. This keeps business operations running smoother and more secure than ever before.

Benefits of Network Management

When you partner with a network management and IT services organization local to Houston, like Xvand, you can enjoy several specialized benefits. This can include software updates, WiFi surveys, and more.

Let’s explore some of the overarching benefits Xvand’s network management services can provide for your business.

Improved Security

Security is one of the most important pieces of network management for businesses. With more workers working hybrid and remotely, companies have found they need robust cloud firewall solutions, security management and monitoring, VPN solutions, and modern SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solutions. Xvand can do it all.

With network management security solutions, you can effectively identify and respond to cyber threats before they can impact your sensitive data or operations. Network management ensures your business is practicing standards and compliance according to regulatory requirements.

Prevent Downtime

It’s no secret that downtime kills productivity and can have costly implications. It can cause serious damage to your brand and push back important deadlines, resulting in a loss of clients or dissatisfied users and customers. With network management, your network and applications are constantly monitored, which allows you to spot issues before they result in a system crash or prepare your backup system.

Maximize Performance

Network management can lead to network automation and system upgrades. When you have repetitive tasks that employees have to do manually, you’re spending precious labor hours on tasks that can be automated by your technology. This means your employees spend more time innovating and less time checking boxes.

Xvand’s network management systems can push out new software updates and update configuration files automatically.


Find Solutions With Xvand

Network management is a holistic process that keeps your business operational and scalable. We offer a range of network management services including:

  • Advanced security services setup and management (including DNS filtering, URL filtering, Sandboxing, and more)
  • Network design
  • Software updates
  • Log collection and monitoring

To learn more about how Xvand can take your IT services and business to the next level, reach out today for your free consultation!

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