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Everything you need to keep your business productive and secure.

  • Store your data and run your software from our secure, Tier 4 data center in Houston.
  • Enable your employees to work anytime, anywhere with access to everything they need.
  • Get the latest updates to the software and hardware you depend on.
  • Protect your business from ransomware, natural disasters and the unexpected.
  • Empower your team with technology that optimizes productivity.

We guarantee you 99.99% uptime and are always ready to help with 24/7 support. Our friendly helpdesk speaks in plain English and resolves 90% of tickets in 10 minutes or less. And we do it all at a fair, competitive price.

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Is Xvand cybersecurity service for me?

Houston’s SMBs Trust Xvand IT support services

Our clients have positive reviews of our managed technology services and solutions. Read these reviews to learn what companies love about our technology services in Houston, TX and to see if we are a good fit for your technology management needs.

What's included?

— The Signature Package —
Everything Your Houston Business Needs

private cloud

Private Cloud

Enable your employees to log into your company network
anytime, anywhere.

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No malware gets in your network.
No proprietary data gets out of the business.

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Software Development

Software Development

Let us create powerful technology services that
save you time and money.

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Your CIO

Your CIO

Make sense of your business data
and optimize your technology.

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24/7 Helpdesk

Our technology experts resolve 90% of tickets in less than 10 minutes

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employee upskilling

Employee Upskilling

Boost your team’s productivity
and work smarter.

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Like a Chief Information Officer, we always look out for you.

As Xvand gets to know your business, we strategize new ways to optimize your technology. We always look out for software that can save you time and money. Plus, we help your team use your current software more effectively. Our proactive philosophy means we always look for strategic ways to help you do business better.

Switching to Xvand is easy and frictionless.

Be working on your new, powerful system in just one month.*

Step 1: Discovery

Xvand’s engineers learn your business’s technology needs. We talk to key members of your team to learn what they require. We also rid your systems of any malicious viruses or spyware.

Timeframe: One to two weeks. Varies by client.

Step 2: Testing

Members of your team work with Xvand engineers to ensure applications, email, user logins and all specifications run smoothly in Xvand’s live environment. We won't go live until everything is exactly right

Timeframe: Approximately two weeks. Varies by client.

Step 3: Deployment

Your business’s data is transferred to Xvand. To avoid work disruption, data migrates over a weekend.

Timeframe: One weekend.

Step 4: Go live

Xvand trains your team at your office or virtually for remote workers. On the next business day, your company is up and running on the new system. An Xvand engineer remains at your office for up to one week to help your team and answer any questions.

Timeframe: One day.

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*Timeframes vary according to clients’ specific needs. Clients with more complex technology requirements may need longer than one month to complete the transition to Xvand’s system, while clients with simple needs can complete the transition more quickly.

Mary Kay Gogreve

Mary Kay Gogreve

chief operating officer

Through the variety of services offered and their knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff, Xvand provides our company with a true partner for our IT needs. Xvand saves us time and money.


Pay only for what you need

At Xvand, we are determined to give you the best deal possible. We don’t charge you for extras you don’t need. And we won’t nickel and dime you for essential services billed as add ons. Our predictable monthly subscription has everything you need, even essential hardware. Unlike other IT companies, we don’t charge you anything upfront. And we are so confident in our 99.99% uptime guarantee that we promise to refund you the cost of any additional unscheduled downtime.**

Pricing varies by clients’ needs. Get a free estimate with our pricing calculator.

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Howard Rambin

Howard Rambin

chief executive officer
Moody Rambin

I don't have to worry about the hardware, the software, nothing. They do it all, this thing works…there's absolutely no reason not to outsource all of your IT.”


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With Xvand’s Signature Package, your team can access the data and applications it needs from any computer with an internet connection. All of your data is stored at our Tier 4 data center, and your applications run there, too. Because our data center does the heavy lifting, you can run even graphics-heavy programs such as AutoCAD or Adobe Creative Suite from a basic, inexpensive laptop or desktop. Your system’s security is also protected because very little information flows between a user’s computer and our highly secure data center: mostly images and keystrokes. In the age of remote work, Xvand’s robust system gives your team the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere. Even during Houston’s floods, hurricanes, and freezes, our failsafe system has been up and running, keeping teams connected when it matters most. No matter the weather, we guarantee our partners 99.99% uptime (or less than one hour of unscheduled downtime per year). You can rely on our system because we’ve built it right. Built-in redundancies in the architecture ensure that if one element fails, another one will step in to keep the system going. Few other Houston IT companies offer a system with the same level of integrity and reliability, and none at a better price.

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Since our launch in 2000, Xvand has never had a security breach. That’s because your security is our first priority. We safeguard our partners with multiple layers of defenses so you are always protected. All users log in to Xvand’s NIST compliant system using multi-factor authentication, mitigating the potential fallout of password theft. Only Xvand staff can install applications, preventing your team from unwittingly downloading malicious programs. We ensure all your applications stay up-to-date, eliminating vulnerabilities as they are discovered. Our state-of-the-art antivirus software defends the Xvand system from known threats, and our tightly controlled and monitored environment defends you from new ones. Even if malware were ever to penetrate our initial defenses, we have safeguards in place to find and shut down any unauthorized applications before they cause damage. And we train your team in best practices to make them less susceptible to phishing and social engineering attacks. Few other Houston-based IT companies and managed service providers provide the same enterprise-level security we do, and none at a price accessible to Houston’s small businesses. We also work with partners in the financial services and healthcare industries to ensure their technology is reasonably aligned with the stringent cybersecurity compliance laws, regulations, and guidelines that govern their industries. As we see in the news, malware, ransomware, and Trojan horse attacks are on the rise. Even some of the nation’s biggest companies and organizations lack the protections Xvand offers. A single attack can cost your business a fortune and expose you to lawsuits, fines, and other liabilities. Avoid these risks by choosing a responsible IT partner. At Xvand, we believe that vigilant cybersecurity protects not only your business and clients but our community as a whole.

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Technology is integral to business today. No growth-oriented company can operate without software to collect, organize, analyze, and communicate information. If you have an idea, we can build it. Xvand has created software to meet its partners’ business intelligence, HR, and other needs. Our developed solutions help partners manage their teams, analyze sales, and determine strategies to increase profitability. Unlike third-party solutions, our software is guaranteed to work in your system. And we can customize our solutions to fit your needs exactly.

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Xvand is more than your IT service provider. We are your business partner. Other IT companies just focus on keeping the lights on, but we are always looking for ways to help you work smarter, cut costs, and bring in more money. As your technology partner, we get to know the inner workings of your business and alert you to best practices, new tools, and ideas that help you compete. Like a CIO, we take responsibility for ensuring your business’s success through technology. Your IT shouldn’t just be another expense: it should be a profit-generating asset.

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You need your technology working 24/7. That’s why our friendly helpdesk agents are ready to provide support any time, day or night. If your team is running into a roadblock, we can help resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. In fact, our helpdesk resolves 90% of tickets in less than 10 minutes. And they speak in plain English, too. While other IT companies’ support staff need scripts to answer calls, our unscripted helpdesk agents can help you faster because they are true subject matter experts. With other IT companies, there may be only one helpdesk agent who knows your system. If that person is unavailable, no one can help you solve your problems. Because Xvand’s system was built with standardized, secure, and efficient architecture, all of our helpdesk staff know your system and can assist you at any time.

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A great team is key to any company’s success. And technology is only as impactful as the people who use it. That’s why we provide your team with the training they need to make the most of your technology. Whether learning to use new software, discovering new applications and capabilities for your current tools, or finding ways to be more secure, your team will become more productive with Xvand’s upskilling.

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