What is IT Consulting?

Xvand is a Houston-based team of IT specialists that offers businesses a comprehensive range of services provided by our in-house technicians, engineers, and consultants. Alongside high-demand services like IT support cloud in Houston, Texas, we offer fully independent consultancy support, tailoring our advice and recommendations to your organization.

IT consulting is a custom service in which we analyze your objectives and aspirations, audit your current IT infrastructure, and devise tailored strategies to take you–and your digital assets–where you want to be.

Whether you’re looking for server management in Houston, Texas, recognize that your hardware is holding you back, or need to make informed decisions about where and when to invest in your systems and networks, our consultants are ready to help.

What’s Included in an IT Consultation?

Here at Xvand, we're all about developing advanced solutions and creating actionable strategies that deliver. Our consultants and advisers have expertise in every area, delivering sector-specific Houston cyber security services, customized help for small businesses and rapid-growth start-ups, and end-to-end project management for digital transformations.

Working with a seasoned IT consultant doesn't just provide access to their knowledge; it also means you can make strategic decisions about the best way forward without overspending and gain independent advice about ways to future-proof your business.

IT Consultancy Services From Xvand

In a fast-moving digital world, the tech, software, hardware, and cloud-based systems you use are key to carving out a competitive advantage–and every consultancy depends wholly on what you'd like to achieve or any issues you're currently experiencing. We provide consultancy services geared towards:

  • Data security, backups, and disaster recovery protocols
  • Transitions to cloud-enabled technology and storage solutions
  • Business IT strategy development and continuity planning
  • Hardware and software investments and operating system upgrades
  • Switching to managed IT support and introducing 24/7 help desk assistance
  • Improving business cyber security protection for in-house and remote workforces

Our consultants also work with businesses with opportunities to scale at pace, supporting digital transformations to identify the most effective ways to facilitate immediate performance improvements.


Why Collaborate With Our Expert IT Consultants?

IT consultants are specialists in their fields and look to define the areas where your business would benefit from upgrades, improvements, or changes to your processes. We often work with Houston businesses who have a specific list of requirements, such as:

  • Reducing IT overhead expenditure
  • Mitigating downtime, outages, and glitches
  • Boosting company-wide digital security
  • Upskilling in-house staff and IT teams

We deliver targeted solutions, staying with you from initial discussion to project completion or as long-term consultants who can step in whenever you have important decisions to make. If you're stuck choosing between two operating systems, don't know how to address faults or poor software performance, or want to find innovative ways to augment productivity without exhausting your resources, a consultancy is an excellent option.

Choosing the Right IT Consultancy Services

Xvand uses a proven approach, working through each phase to ensure every suggestion we make fully aligns with your deliverables. Those steps look like this:

1. Project Analysis and Audit

First, we consult with you, and your teams directly, one-to-one, getting a good grip on the problems you’re having, the vision you’d like to realize, or the outcomes that will make the biggest difference. From there, we’ll often audit your digital infrastructure to see any clear gaps, issues, or areas in need of urgent attention.

2. Customized Strategy Planning

The next step is to create a collaborative plan with transparent, zero-jargon explanations so you know what we're suggesting and why–you can choose between the options we think will deliver optimal results.

3. Design and Commissioning

Depending on the purpose of the consultancy, we'll get to work designing systems, solutions, improvements, or upgrades that are always adapted to your budget, time frames, and business sector.

4. Executing Your Plan

Once the initial prep is complete, we deliver–whether that's a staggered digital transformation, the rollout of a new managed service or cyber security policy, or replacing legacy solutions with advanced improvements.

5. Full IT Management and Support

When everything's running smoothly, Xvand remains available to assist with ongoing server management, security patching, network administration, or any other services that you require.

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