Surrounding Local Towns


Located west of Houston, Katy is a rapidly growing area. With the construction of additional lanes on I-10 and access to the Westpark Tollway, it’s never been easier to travel out to Katy! IT management and cybersecurity support are essential for businesses looking to thrive in this town.


In the south-west corner of 610 is the town of Bellaire. This town is ripe for investment in IT support and network services to enhance its digital resilience. Located near I-69 and 610, and just a short drive from Downtown Houston, Bellaire is a perfect mix of accessibility to the suburbs and the city.


One of the older established communities in the southwestern corner of Houston, Sugarland, is still growing and thriving! Sugarland is accessible via US-90, I-69, SH 6, and Grand Parkway (99), making it a natural hub of the southwest region. This town's businesses recognize the need to fortify their IT management and cybersecurity frameworks.


A newly planned town, the Woodlands has been around since 1974. It’s located on the far north side of Houston, well past Spring and the IAH airport. Opportunities abound in this area for companies specializing in IT/network management and cybersecurity solutions. While it’s quite a long commute for most people, Grand Parkway (99), the Hardy Toll Road, and the express lanes on I-45 all help with accessibility.


Sandwiched between I-45 and 288 on the south side of Houston, Pearland is a well-established town with a growing population. IT management, network support, and cybersecurity are areas of need in this town. Accessibility to downtown Houston is available via the newly constructed “Drive288” Toll Road, SH 35, and I-45.


Located on the southwest side of Houston, accessed by Beltway 8 and I-69, Stafford is known as the "Island of Businesses". Stafford provides a business-friendly environment ideal for residents and enterprises alike, with many opportunities for technology support from local vendors.

Missouri City

As one of the top 10 regions in terms of population in the Houston metro, Missouri City boasts a tight-knit community, top-tier schools, and secure neighborhoods, catering to families and individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle. With a mix of urban convenience and suburban living, Missouri City offers opportunities for IT outsourcing services to thrive and support its dynamic community.


In the Northwest corner of Houston, Cypress offers a thriving community blending rich history with modern living and abundant leisure opportunities. From its 19th-century origins to its present-day allure, Cypress has evolved into a sought-after residential destination. The growing digital infrastructure of this town warrants strategic investments in technology services and IT infrastructure.


Humble, in the Northeast corner of Houston, has transformed from a small railroad outpost into a vibrant cultural hub, known for its diversity and strong community bonds. Managed cybersecurity support and tech support could greatly benefit this town's evolving digital landscape. With a wide range of outdoor activities, family-friendly attractions, and exciting entertainment options, Humble and its surrounding areas offer endless opportunities for adventure and fun.


In the very Northwest corner of Houston lies Tomball, whose residents are friendly and welcoming. The area is known for its family-friendly atmosphere. Tomball's location near 249 and 99 provides easy access to big-city amenities while still maintaining a small-town feel. For businesses here, technology consultants, data recovery, and network support are invaluable.


Pasadena, located in the Southeast region of Houston, is a great area with a rich history and a variety of cultures. From its beginnings as a farming community to its growth as an industrial hub, Pasadena has evolved into a bustling city with a diverse population and a strong sense of community. This town's economy could thrive with the help of IT management, network support, or cybersecurity solutions.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is one of the coolest regions of Houston. A suburban community in the very Southeastern corner of the city, it’s home to a large amount of aerospace companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and NASA. The schools and sports facilities there are second to none, and the region routinely produces top talent in the tech field. This town requires the expertise of IT management, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and network support professionals.


Kingwood’s convenient location near major highways (I-69, I-45, Beltway 8) provides easy access to downtown Houston and other parts of the city. Kingwood is primed and ready for managed IT services and other technology support options from local MSP’s.


Located at the crossings of I-45, Hardy Toll Road, and 99, Spring is an up-and-coming community north of Houston. It is home to many thriving businesses that could all use technology consultants for data protection, cybersecurity insurance, and business optimization.