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Server management is a business-critical service, where companies of all sizes rely on their servers to manage flows of data, operating systems and all the systems and networks they need to function. Alongside an end-to-end range of professional cloud IT support and managed IT services, Xvand’s multiskilled team offers a complete range of server management options, covering everything from 24/7 monitoring to alert management, supported by our responsive helpdesk team.

Whether you’ve previously been exposed to security breaches and data losses, find your systems and devices run sluggishly, or need the assurance of around-the-clock server management, Xvand can assist.

Why Invest in Skilled Server Management as a Houston Business?

Server specialists work in the background to keep your server running optimally, keeping watch for any issues, indications of a potential service failure, or downtime–and responding quickly before these problems occur.

Our capable Houston IT consulting services go hand-in-hand, providing independent guidance on the right systems, software, cloud-based tech, and hardware to support sustained business growth or recommend the best servers and digital infrastructure that are consistent with your wider IT strategy.

What to Expect From Xvand’s Server Management Services

High-quality server administration and management is a valuable investment in business security, including backup server rescue protocols should an emergency occur. We offer:

  • Ongoing server health checks 24/7 and assessments of operating speeds
  • Complete security oversight, including intrusion detection, firewall safeguards, and monitoring for attacks or attempted breaches
  • Pre-emptive server updates in real-time to prevent avoidable errors or outages

If you have an outdated server, need to reinforce your security controls to comply with changing industry standards, or need robust server management in place while you work on business expansion plans, we’re here to help.


Benefits of Outsourcing Server Management

There's little doubt that around-the-clock server management can be time-consuming and that it commands skill and expertise to recognize emerging issues or monitor traffic with the capacity to make swift updates. We work with businesses throughout the Houston area, from start-ups to established corporations and nonprofit entities, providing cost efficiencies for decision-makers who need to focus their resources and staff time on other areas.

As you’d expect from Xvand, we offer a reliable, budget-friendly service adapted to you, getting to know your business, structure, and systems inside out to target our expertise to your key requirements. Many business clients across Texas prefer to use one trusted Managed Services Provider, delegating all their IT requirements to our talented technicians, helpdesk engineers, and consultants, including:

  • Full server management and administration
  • Update and security patch management
  • Advisory assistance when making hardware purchases
  • Business-specific endpoint security and access controls

Our role is to keep your IT infrastructure, server, and devices running smoothly, without complex jargon, overcomplications, or limitations on the areas we can help with–ensuring your business avoids poor performing tech across the board.


Features of Our Server Management Support

We offer server management for all operating systems and cloud-based platforms, using remote access to ensure our engineers have always-on insights into how your server is performing and areas for improvements or additional security.

What does that mean for your business? You can depend on your server to support all your digital functions and processes with zero disruption, downtime, or impacts on your productivity. Depending on your needs, our customizable server management packages can include all of the following features:

Server Security

Security is never an area we'd suggest compromising on, and we work diligently to stay ahead of a shifting cyber security landscape with a broad range of services from password controls to data encryption, anti-virus defenses, and firewalls.

Data Backups

We appreciate that data and commercially sensitive records are vital, and we create regular, secure data backups to ensure your business is never at risk of data losses across both virtual and physical servers.

Hardware and Software Management

Secure, agile, and responsive software and dependable hardware are equally essential to businesses in every sector; we keep track of your hardware performance and data capacities while simultaneously monitoring software updates and patches for operating systems.

Find Professional Server Management in Houston, Texas

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