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We make your business’s technology as simple and reliable as flipping a switch.

Because overcomplicated, dysfunctional technology can waste your employees’ time, cost your business money and expose you to legal liabilities.

Through natural disasters, the shift to remote work, and technological change, Xvand technology services keeps your business productive and secure.

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Houston Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Xvand is Houston's leading IT company, specializing in a wide range of services including managed IT, cybersecurity, data recovery, and cloud computing.
By outsourcing your company IT services to Xvand, you can experience scalability, efficient resource management, access to highly qualified experts, and the freedom to focus on your core business. Our support services reduce operational costs, boost efficiency, and accelerate business development, all while delivering timely IT services. Your company satisfaction and success are our top priorities.


Frequently Asked IT Questions

As an IT company in Houston, Xvand oversees the implementation and utilization of IT systems in your company, allowing you to store, retrieve, and send data conveniently. We specialize in managed IT services, cybersecurity, data recovery, data backup, cloud computing, and more.
We have a team of highly qualified IT support company Houston experts who will help you maintain an effective IT infrastructure and enable your employees to work smarter. Furthermore, our support team will work behind the scenes to enable you to leverage your IT systems and tools to keep your operations running seamlessly and improve the overall productivity of your company.

Unlike other Houston IT companies, Xvand is committed to enabling you to fully leverage your IT infrastructure for the smooth running of your business processes and functions. We offer you a dedicated support team of highly trained and experienced IT specialists to take care of your company IT systems.
For instance, we enable your personnel to work remotely and onsite flawlessly while keeping your IT system and sensitive data fully protected. We protect your IT infrastructure against malware attacks and ensure that your business remains fully compliant with all applicable data privacy laws.

Anyone who runs a business or an organization with an IT infrastructure needs our IT support and services. Unlike other IT companies in Houston Texas, which only offer their technology services to large and well-established enterprises, Xvand offers our IT services to all small and medium-sized businesses and clients in the Houston area.
So, whether you have five or 500 workers with computers, we’re here for all your IT support needs. We understand that you want to take advantage of your IT systems to make your daily operations run smoothly and achieve more from your team, which is why we’ll optimize how you use your IT systems to achieve your business objectives.
Our Houston IT company will manage and maintain all components of your IT infrastructure, including the network, hardware, business intelligence, and software elements. No matter the size of your company infrastructure, you’ll need network monitoring, security, and enablement for the smooth operation of your business.
You also need to keep your computers, servers, workstations, databases, routers, and other IT devices working perfectly. Your applications, software, and cloud computing equipment need to be closely monitored and regularly updated to ensure they continue performing optimally. Xvand will do all this for you so that your company can focus on other more important things like generating leads, converting leads, and increasing your sales.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your IT services to us, including scalability, better time and resource management, access to highly qualified and experienced IT experts, and the opportunity to focus on the core areas of your company in Houston. With our team of IT experts, you can expect a great reduction in your operational costs, boosted efficiency in your daily processes, accelerated business development, and timely delivery of essential IT services.
As more companies embrace the idea of working remotely, outsourcing IT services has become the most viable option. So, if you’re looking for a reliable IT company in Houston for your IT service needs, give Xvand a call now!

We stand behind the quality of our technology services and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If Xvand can't fully resolve all your issues and deliver the promised technology services within 3 months of the complete transition, we'll refund 3 months' worth of service costs (excluding Microsoft licensing charges and other subscription costs). Our support team will also actively assist you in transitioning to another MSP at no extra cost. The only requirement for this guarantee is your full engagement in working together to address and resolve any business issues. We've got your back!