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Our cloud backup and storage services are essential for any business that needs a secure, reliable way to store data, protect sensitive information, and avoid the risks of on-premises backups.

Cloud IT support services in Houston from the experienced Xvand team are adapted to your priorities, current setup, and requirements. We can introduce advanced safeguards for confidential and restricted access data, advise on automated archiving solutions, and ensure you have ample space to store live files and record completed projects.

Alongside tailored Office 365 IT support services in Houston, we aim to ensure every business client makes informed decisions about the best software, hardware, and connectivity for them, with expert assistance at every step of the way.

Why Transition From Desktop or Hard Drive-Based Data Backups?

It's no secret that the world of technology evolves rapidly. At one point, running a backup of all your data, files, and systems daily or weekly and storing that backup on a device or external hard drive was considered sufficient.

Unfortunately, there are multiple significant risks associated with physical data storage. These might include:

  • Exposure to deliberate tampering, theft, or accidental loss
  • The threat of fire, flooding, or severe weather conditions resulting in a backup device or drive being destroyed or damaged
  • Issues with device failure, where backed-up data may be irretrievable
  • Inefficient security safeguards, where hackers can infiltrate your systems and extract valuable data

Having an emergency data retrieval process in place is important, but in almost every case, advanced cloud-based data backups and storage capacity can eliminate any risks of data loss. Whether your business suffers a power outage, a systems malfunction, or another issue, your most vital data remains safe, accessible, and defended from any threat.


How Do Cloud Backup and Storage Services Work?

The cloud is a resource that has become prevalent throughout all sectors and industries, where data and files are stored, shared, accessed, and circulated online. It might be easiest to imagine the cloud as a virtual space; it operates similarly to any conventional hardware storage system but isn’t linked to one physical device.

Just as you'd access a website or log into an online account, your cloud-based storage facility can be accessed from any device and location. Businesses with remote or hybrid working structures or colleagues working in the field can continue to operate smoothly. There is no need to be sitting at a workstation or even in the building to access your files and information.

Of course, security remains paramount. Xvand offers a complete array of data security solutions tailored to your business, including:

  • Advanced endpoint security: We recommend next-gen solutions to protect files, data, systems, and networks from unauthorized access, including AI-based behavioral analysis and threat detection.
  • Helpdesk assistance: Our 24/7 helpdesk is always on hand to help, whether you’re experiencing a glitch, need support resetting a password, or have received a suspicious communication you’d like to verify.
  • Update management: Ongoing software updates ensure you're always using the latest, safest versions of every application or tool within your business.
  • Security patch management: Implementing patches immediately on release protects your business from new, sophisticated cybersecurity threats.
  • Guidance on hardware investments: Professional, autonomous advice helps to ensure you make informed choices about when and how to upgrade your business IT infrastructure.

Hardware purchase consultancies can be a great way to gain independent insights into the right solutions for your business, augmenting the protection of cloud backup and storage with advanced, future-proof tech that will help your business grow and thrive.


The Advantages of Cloud-Based Data Backups and Storage

Transitioning to a cloud-based data management approach might appear daunting. However, we manage the process from end to end, leaving you to concentrate on running your business. The benefits from a continuity and security perspective are compelling.

We've mentioned off-site data protection, which can be invaluable in an unforeseen disaster or catastrophic systems failure. Rather than losing every record and piece of data you own, your files are stored in the cloud and available to retrieve without delay.

Automated backups are a great way to minimize the administrative workload of your staff, where scheduled backups run as required without interrupting your day or meaning a team member needs to take responsibility for manually running through a backup process periodically.

Finally, cloud-based data storage and backups are highly cost-effective without commanding in-house storage capacity or bandwidth. Get in touch anytime to learn more about our cloud backup and storage services available throughout Houston!

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