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IT for Law Firms in Houston

IT for Law Firms in Houston

Guarding a client's most sensitive documents used to be as simple as locking the office door. Sadly, this is no longer all it takes–with the rise of state electronic filings, nearly all court documentation that can be filed online must be filed online. The Houston area is no exception, and the amount of data storage and security required to keep everything running smoothly is immense. 

Most law firms today operate as small businesses, with a team of lawyers and paralegals working for the firm's clients. When the internet was new, many small business owners reached out to their friends in tech to help set up the business's IT infrastructure; perhaps they even retained this person as an employee. 

This arrangement can be an effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses, but it has its limitations. One of the difficulties is retaining IT talent in an extremely competitive IT and labor market–IT recruiters love nothing more than poaching IT professionals for the latest venture capital startup with deep pockets.

To help combat this phenomenon and offer support to businesses in need of IT professionals, Houston IT companies have begun offering what is known as ‘managed IT services.


What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services take typical services–such as specialized equipment like server racks, software solutions, and IT professionals–and offer them to small and medium-sized businesses on a subscription model. This means a single monthly fee can cover all of your company's IT needs. This outsourcing model takes all of the IT headaches and hands them off to professionals who are available 24/7. 

In-house IT teams need to be large and well-trained to reach this level of knowledge and scope. This makes managed IT services an ideal solution for businesses looking for the best in IT services. 


What Can Managed IT Services Do for Me and My Business?

Some of the benefits of managed IT services include:

Unparalleled Flexibility

By moving to a managed subscription model for your IT services, you can rest assured that help is just a phone call away 24/7, no matter how big the problem is. Whether it’s a simple login error or a major IT malfunction, managed IT professionals will be available to help.

Knowledge of Modern Security Trends

Trends in IT software and security change so quickly that even the most well-rounded professionals simply cannot keep up. Managed IT services handle this by having a team of people who are dedicated specialists in their respective fields. 

From networking and secure logins to specialized anti-malware software and techniques, the professionals working at managed services firms know their IT market segment from top to bottom and can keep up with all of the latest developments.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Full-time IT professionals typically make a high salary, and this expense can weigh heavily on a small and medium-sized business’ bottom line. Of course, these costs don’t even include the equipment and software needed to run your business as efficiently and safely as possible.

By switching to a managed IT services model, a business can save both time and money by paying a low monthly fee that is often less than the salary for a single IT professional. This is possible because, while managed IT services may be offered 24/7, most businesses won’t usually need this level of access all the time. Because IT service firms are able to work with other clients when they aren’t servicing your business, they are able to share costs among all of their clients, thus saving you money in the long run. 


The Best Option

Times change, and so do businesses. The days of small businesses having dedicated IT teams are moving on, and, thankfully, there are new and better models here to take their place. For the most reliable and reputable managed IT services in Houston, Xvand has your back. Reach out for your free estimate today!


Andrey Sherman

Andrey Sherman

Andrey Sherman serves as Xvand’s vice president of technology and is one of the company’s co-founders. He is the leading architect of the Xvand system.


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