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Do I need monthly IT Support?

Do I need monthly IT Support?

It’s no secret that every business needs IT support in one way or another. Your business cannot thrive without digital security, experts to assist with troubleshooting and streamlined ways for your team to stay connected. But hiring someone (or an entire team) dedicated to IT support is time-consuming and costly. 


Many businesses have outsourced their IT support as a solution to this problem. There are expert IT companies in Houston, Texas that can support your business, such as Xvand!


Paying for a monthly IT support service can save your business in a pinch because your IT is necessary to compete in today’s markets. If your servers crash without warning right before a major deadline, it can mean losing clients and your business’ reputation. In the event of a technology disaster or malfunction, you need swift and expert IT support personnel to get your operations back on track.


What Is Outsourced IT Support?

Outsourced IT services, also known as managed IT services, don’t loop you through an endless phone tree or leave you on hold for what feels like an entire workday—they cover the fourth and top level of IT support. What are the levels of IT support? There are four tiers of IT support and outsourced IT services cover Tier 4.


Tier 4 is outside support for problems not supported by your company. This means that these services can be your sole IT support team if you do not have designated IT support employees within your organization. It can also mean you do have in-house IT personnel, but they may not have the experience or expertise necessary to troubleshoot particular issues. 


Managed IT services typically quote you a monthly fee based on the number of devices you have that require maintenance, backup, and support. This fee can range between $300 to $500 per server, $50 to $150 per desktop and around $20 per smartphone or mobile device. 


Benefits of Outsourced IT Support


There are many benefits to having managed IT support services, including:


Broad Scope of Expertise


When you hire in-house IT support, you’re responsible for making sure you’ve hired professionals who can navigate a wide range of IT-related tasks and challenges. But it’s impossible to hire just one or two people who can do everything! 


With managed IT support services, providers have access to a broad network of professionals with expertise for any scenario. They can offer insights for everything from high-level strategic decision-making about IT infrastructure to setting up networks and computers for new workstations in your office.


Cost-Effective and Budget-Friendly


Depending on the nature of your contract, it may be more cost-effective to hire managed IT services rather than onboard an entire team. While remote IT support does get taxed, you don’t need to pay the payroll taxes or manage W2 and W3 forms the same way you would with in-house support. Often, you would issue a 1099-NEC form for contracted services and the company managing your IT services is responsible for withholding taxes for their employees hired to support you.


Plus, many software and tool costs for moving to a cloud-based platform are included in your monthly contract with managed IT services. This alone can save you time and money!


Streamlined Services


With outsourced IT services, you don’t run the risk of overloading or burning out your own personnel. There is always someone staying on top of your company’s IT needs. This means patches are completed on time, backups are where they should be, security is up to date, and maintaining regular testing.


These services also stay on top of the current trends and updates in technology. They will come to you with their recommendations and strategies, so you don’t have to appoint your employees to research and can stay focused on optimizing your business practices.


24/7 Support


The majority of these companies provide 24/7 support, so you don’t run the risk of putting your own employees in overtime or burning out. At Xvand, our services guarantee 99.99% uptime with round-the-clock help desk availability.


Where we stand out, even more, is that our help desk employees speak in plain English (no more terms that go over your head or leave you confused) and resolve 90% of support tickets in ten minutes or less!


Managed IT Services With Xvand


Xvand is the top IT management service in Houston, Texas. With more than two decades of experience, we cover it all. Your business will be protected from ransomware, accidents, and natural disasters. Your employees can work anytime from anywhere with full access to what they need!


Andrey Sherman

Andrey Sherman

Andrey Sherman serves as Xvand’s vice president of technology and is one of the company’s co-founders. He is the leading architect of the Xvand system.


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