About Stafford

Located in the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area, mostly in Fort Bend County with a small part in Harris County, Stafford, Texas, is a charming city. As of the 2020 census, Stafford's population was 17,666, making it a vibrant and growing community. The city is known for its unique achievements, visionary leadership, and prudent fiscal management, offering a dynamic and friendly environment for residents and visitors.

Some of the top attractions and activities in Stafford include:

History: In 1820, when the land that is now Texas was under the rule of Spain, Stephen F. Austin took advantage of a Spanish offer to settle a vast area of the territory in exchange for William J. Stafford becoming intrigued by the offer and being one of Austin's "Old 300" families that made the journey to Texas.

Creation of the Stafford Municipal School District: Stafford has the only municipal school district in the state, providing high-quality education for local students.

Home Rule City: The City of Stafford is a home rule city, allowing citizens to have a say in their city's governance and fiscal matters.

Business-Friendly Environment: Stafford is known as the "Island of Business" due to its pro-business environment and support for local businesses.

No Property Taxes: Stafford is one of the few cities in Texas that does not collect property taxes, making it an attractive place for residents and businesses.

In addition to these attractions, Stafford offers a variety of amenities, including excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities, ensuring that it is a great place for people to live, work, and raise a family.

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