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 Beware of malicious browser extensions: Protect your business from adware and malware

Beware of malicious browser extensions: Protect your business from adware and malware

In the vast world of browser extensions, there are countless options available to help us save time, boost productivity, and customize our online experience. However, not all extensions have your best interests at heart.


If you unknowingly download a malicious browser extension, it can wreak havoc on your productivity and inundate your work environment with unwanted advertisements. This type of malware is commonly known as adware, designed to bombard you with unwanted ads and potentially disrupt your online activities.


Adware can go beyond just displaying ads—it can also manipulate your search engine settings and redirect you to affiliate pages when making purchases, generating revenue for the extension's creators. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to these attacks without even realizing they are under threat.


In a recent report, a well-known cybersecurity firm said that over the past few years, adware cloaked in browser extensions has targeted more than 4 million of its users. The worrying aspect is that the majority of these victims had no idea they were being attacked.


These dangerous extensions have the potential to transmit concealed malware in more serious situations, endangering your machine and your sensitive data. As a result, your network may become infected with malware and your login and payment information may be stolen.


To safeguard your business and its data from the dangers of malicious browser extensions, it is crucial to only download extensions from reliable and trusted sources. Take the time to read reviews and evaluate ratings before installing any extension. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.


As a business owner, you may want to consider implementing controls over which extensions can be installed by your team. We can assist you in setting up such measures, in addition to providing up-to-date software protection and engaging security training for your employees.


At Xvand, we understand the importance of maintaining a secure online environment. Don't let malicious browser extensions compromise your business's productivity and data integrity. Reach out to us today, and let us help you fortify your defenses against these emerging threats. Your business deserves the utmost protection in the digital realm.


Andrey Sherman

Andrey Sherman

Andrey Sherman serves as Xvand’s vice president of technology and is one of the company’s co-founders. He is the leading architect of the Xvand system.


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