How does Xvand's proprietary solution differ from traditional outsourced IT approaches?

Conventional in-house IT solutions or outsourcing companies require substantial upfront capital investments in equipment and personnel, and as a result have limitations in how they can respond as your business conditions change. Conversely, we provide all the necessary hardware, backups and support, and deliver the benefits and unlimited scalability to your business for a risk-free, predictable flat monthly fee.

More predictable and reliable IT solution

Unexpected technology issues such as server crashes, security breaches, and recurrent upgrades are all part of the volatile nature of conventional IT solutions - each contributing to a more unpredictable and costly IT budget. The IsUtility® platform’s fixed monthly cost structure means you never have to budget for unexpected technology issues. Instead, Xvand invests in the necessary technology and support, and delivers all the necessary resources to your organization for one predictable per user monthly fee.

IT is a business decision

Before you invest thousands of dollars in a traditional outsourced IT infrastructure and personnel, we suggest researching the basics involved to compare all of the capital and operating expenses your company will have to spend. IT investments can be compared versus other options just as you would do before buying real estate or hiring an employee. Taking the time to educate yourself on the pros and cons of the fully loaded IT costs will only take a few minutes of your time. And, we can probably save you many thousands or even millions of dollars in costs and employee productivity down the road.
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