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Small and mid-sized businesses have many of the same IT problems as larger businesses but must address them with smaller budgets. Many companies are now adopting Cloud technologies to take advantage of lower Capex, and better access to data and software.

Even utilizing cloud solutions, organizations in the small and mid-market space encounter unique IT challenges, that can hurt their business performance, and become a distraction to their management including:
IT Leaders/CIOs
Xvand helps IT Leaders get more done

The job of an IT Director or IT Manager just seems to get harder every year.

The rate of change in the market is faster than ever. Advanced skills are needed urgently, and then outdated. To make matters worse, there are fewer places to go for help than ever before. Support from manufacturers or developers after the sales is just plain bad, and getting worse every year. Many IT departments have a project list that never seems to get shorter, even though the funds to do it with never seem to keep up.