Real time system access for all your employees from anywhere

In today’s marketplace, your business can’t afford to be limited by the physical location of your employees. Unfortunately, most of the traditional remote access solutions require complex onsite installations which may delay your employee’s access to your data or create security risks.

Xvand eliminates the risks and complexity of remote access solutions

With Xvand’s proprietary IsUtility® system, there is no need for complex onsite installations. You simply log-in and access your entire network – data, files and applications - from anywhere in the world, while keeping your data safely protected in our secure ISO 27001 compliant Tier-4 Data Center, which is sheltered from physical intrusion and monitored 24/7 by our certified team of security experts.
With a simple web browser and Internet connection, our remote pc access services allow your employees to log in and access their data, email, and applications from anywhere in the world - whether they work at headquarters, a satellite office or on the road. It doesn't matter where or how you access the network, the experience is exactly the same with IsUtility® remote pc support.
"Mobile Office"
Users throughout the company network can access their data and applications from anywhere in the world using our remote pc support services.
Satellite locations
that don’t slow
your business
Your data and applications run centrally from our secure ISO 27001 compliant Tier-4 Data Center and function so seamlessly it's as though they were all running from your
Add new business
at any time with
lower costs
IsUtility®’s centralized system allows you to set up satellite locations or integrate multiple locations instantly. There is no need to invest in extra equipment or onsite IT staff to provide
Print and fax locally
Xvand has resolved many of the printing issues most companies still struggle with. Using our remote pc access services, remote users can print locally, instantly receive and send