Offsite Data Backup Services - Disaster Recovery

Catastrophic system failure due to harsh weather conditions or disaster can bring a thriving business to its knees. Hardware and software can be replaced. The real risk to your business is interrupted access - even momentarily - to critical data for lack of offsite data backup services.
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Xvand gives you Business Continuity, Not Just Disaster Recovery

With our business continuity solution, your data and applications are fully protected, backed-up and monitored in our secure ISO 27001 compliant Tier-4 Data Center. Our industry-leading Business Continuity Team continually monitors storm activities throughout the season. When a natural disaster threatens, our offsite data backup services are immediately verified for integrity and physical security measures are assured.
Once your employees are designated to safer grounds, they simply log onto the system from any Internet-connected location and continue to work- uninterrupted - throughout the storm. From crisis management to emergency technical support, has your business is covered throughout hurricane season and beyond:
Unlimited access to mission-critical data
Unlimited access to mission-critical data
Industry-leading emergency monitoring and maintenance
Industry-leading emergency monitoring and maintenance
99.999% Guaranteed Uptime
Guaranteed Uptime
ISO 27001
ISO 27001 compliant Tier-4 Data Center equipped with redundant power and connectivity
Track system performance
Certified and highly trained technical experts track system performance in real-time
Respond quickly
Preparation to respond quickly when disaster hits
Recovery across multiple locations
Best practices for recovery across multiple locations
Safeguarding sensitive data
Highest requirements for safeguarding sensitive data
Proactive System Network Security Compliant with highest security standards