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Updated By Andrey Sherman|24 June 2019
We would like to take a few minutes of your time to discuss the biggest cybersecurity threat for small businesses, ransomware. Additionally, we are sharing best security practices deployed by Xvand to protect data from ransomware attacks and other security vulnerabilities as well as basic tips for users to help guard you from an attack.

Ransomware - The Hidden Threat To Your Law Firm

By Andrey Sherman|06 February 2018
In Hollywood, central casting does a great job of selecting actors to portray villains.

Law Practice Tech Trends: Document Management

By Andrey Sherman|26 July 2019
Good day to you. I am never one to shy away from free legal advice, so why should you turn down free IT and Document Management advice, if it can help your staff, reputation and bottom line? In order to be a good business partner, you first need to be a trusted consultant. In the article available at the link below, Xvand Technology will provide you with the following: Intel to help you make informed technological and document management decisions to maximize the firm’s efficiency and profitability; Detailed account of the main benefits of a Legal Document Management System; Q&A to see, if your firm would benefit from a Legal Document Management System; Comparison of cloud-based and on-premise solutions of the software to demonstrate which works best for your practice based on firm size, fiscal concerns, document accessibility and security needs Furthermore, an Xvand solution outlined in the article combines cloud access with on-premise software affording MSP clients an “all in one” answer.
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