Xvand will cut your IT services costs

Xvand’s Managed IT services can offer an attractive alternative to investing thousands upfront in technology and personnel, allowing you to manage your IT expenditures on a predictable monthly basis. Our customers save an average of 76% on capital IT expenditures and support costs. How much can your business save?

Average "Hard" Cost Savings

Reduction in workstation costs
Since all data and applications are stored at our secure data center, there's no need to invest in fully-loaded workstations or support to set it up.
Our clients see a dramatic reduction in workstations costs, including purchasing, setup and maintenance.
Purchase costs: Xvand’s information technology solution eliminates the need to purchase fully-loaded workstations. Since all data and applications are stored in our secure data center, users only need a lower cost basic workstation to connect to their desktop.
Setup & maintenance costs: All applications and data run at our secure data center, so we assume all setup and maintenance costs. And since nothing runs locally, the computing power and data storage demands for your local workstations are reduced and their lifespans are extended as well.
Reduction in server costs
Eliminate the need to purchase, configure, upgrade, maintain or protect costly servers. Our on-demand Fortune-500 network is ready how and when you need it.
Server costs are a line item of the past! Clients no longer need to purchase, configure, upgrade, maintain or protect costly servers. Our on-demand Fortune-500 network is ready for you to utilize. We increase efficiency by making IT work for you when and where you need it.
Reduction in network infrastructure costs
Reduce investments in costly network infrastructure to support your complex network. Clients only need basic switches and routers which we can also support.
Clients no longer invest in expensive network infrastructure to support an ever more complex network. Since your new Fortune-500 network is located at our secure datacenters, we take care of most of the network infrastructure. Clients only need basic switches and routers. Most of our customers choose Xvand to support that as well which gives benefits of automatic connections failover and monitoring.
Reduction in IT staff costs
Eliminate the costs and headaches of hiring support personnel. We staff a team of certified IT professionals, on hand 24/7 to proactively manage and maintain your system.
Clients no longer deal with the increasing costs and headaches of hiring dedicated IT people to support their network. Salaries are eliminated, overtime gone, benefits don't have to be paid and you don't have to recruit and manage another team. With Xvand’s virtual team of certified and degreed IT professionals on hand 24/7/365 to proactively manage and maintain your system, including an unlimited help desk your organization is assured that your system will work right the first time and every time.

Average Soft Cost Savings

Reduction in electricity costs
Remove unnecessary servers and complicated infrastructure to save on the power.
Remove those unnecessary servers to save on the power they drain and on your electricity bill. Bulky servers, complicated switches/ routers, expensive air conditioning units and UPS backup systems. They all act like inefficient electric ovens sucking up power 24 hours/day generating heat. That heat is spewed back into the air which now needs to be cooled again.
IT tax reduction
Since our monthly fee is 100% tax deductible the first year our clients don't have to wait for years of depreciation to realize it.
Most companies have to depreciate the cost of technology purchases. Not our clients. The monthly fee you pay is 100% tax deductible the first year, so you don't have to wait 7 years or more to realize it. The money saved can be reinvested in your company.
Reduction with disaster recovery costs
Clients have the peace of mind knowing our solution has built-in redundancy, proactively minimizing the effect and costs of reacting to a disaster.
Clients have the peace of mind knowing their data is backed by built-in redundancy, proactively minimizing the effect of any disaster. In addition, a comprehensive business continuity plan is available to all clients.
Reduction in office space
Clients no longer house bulky servers, support staff or have deal with networking equipment. Further increase office space efficiency by allowing users to work from home.
Your orgnization is no longer required to house onsite servers, support staff or deal with networking equipment, thereby increasing office space efficiency. Clients can also allow employees to work from home further increasing valuable office space.
Invaluable increase in productivity
Invaluable increase in productivity
Experience an increase of overall productivity from instant support, increased management reporting tools, and the availability of Fortune 500 technology.

Clients experience an increase of overall productivity. From immediate technical support to increased reporting tools for management, our 99.999% uptime guarantee provides availability of technology resources never thought possible for the small-midsized business sector. While we can't put a price tag on your peace of mind, we can guarantee you will see a productivity increase which will result in cost savings or growth for your company.

IsUtility® platform vs. Conventional IT Network

The IsUtility® platform reduces the need for your company to incur heavy capital IT investments - such as buying new servers. This allows Xvand clients to cut their IT support costs by up to 60%. Through leveraging our prebuilt, and very cost-efficient enterprise-level IsUtility® foundation platform, Xvand’s clients can grow faster, accelerate launch times of projects, and lower their IT maintenance costs. Our clients can also increase data security and disaster recovery levels, and improve overall office productivity at a predictable monthly price.
Our industry-leading "Pay-As-You-Go" cost structure means you never pay for unused or underutilized IT software and hardware again. Costs are based upon user subscriptions and can easily be forecast without concerns about fluctuating costs or unpredictable environmental issues. We keep up with the latest technological advancements and continually integrate them seamlessly and transparently into the network, so you work with the latest technology and services for the same predictable, monthly fee.
Cost Saving