In-House Remote PC Support vs. IsUtility®
How does our platform differ from in-house IT experts?
While today's technology advancements have helped businesses create more fluid processes, most in-house IT systems have become their own reason for being - feeding on profits and failing to make a return on investment. In addition to lacking the appropriate equipment, businesses suffer when in-house IT personnel are overwhelmed by external factors, such as:
Your complete Houston computer services department
Utility-based Houston computer services like IsUtility® provide the technology and IT expertise that businesses can't otherwise affordably attain. This empowers smaller organizations with Fortune 500-level IT technology and a team of certified experts - not just one individual - proficient in every area of IT expertise. Download our feature list to view our entire customer package.
In House isUtility™
Reactive. In-house personnel typically pre- occupied with daily troubleshooting and business activities. Proactive. Responsible for entire IT lifecycle guaranteeing 99.9% uptime. Client goals are met at our risk. Predictable monthly fee pays for all maintenance.
Relative Cost
High, unpredictable. 'Volatile costs due to recurrent problems and capital outlays in IT. Plus annual salary increases for IT staff. One predictable monthly fee. All necessary IT resources and support are delivered on a per month 'utility' basis.
Limited. Not 24/7. IT problems are typically put on hold after-hours or when in-house staff is preoccupied. Unlimited 24/7 helpdesk. Staffs a team of certified experts knowledgeable in every area of IT expertise.
Employee turnover. When IT demand peaks, employee retention dwindles - leaving an in-house system disorderly and vulnerable. Vendor and workload decisions may not necessarily be in best interest of company. Client's interest in mind . Delivers all hardware, backups and support and constantly upgrades and manages the system to ensure issues are resolved before they ever affect the customer.
Little or no redundancy for equipment or personnel. Support staff also require continuous training. Fortune 500 level redundant infrastructure. 24/7 support team is refreshed every 8 hours
Risk lies with owner. Once equipment is purchased, you are committed to upgrade, secure and maintain it. 30 day month-to-month contract lets you cancel at anytime - unconditionally. Your satisfaction keeps us in business, not contracts
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