Is your business secure
from cyber threats?

Secure, Simple, Reliable Managed IT Services
For Small to Medium Sized Businesses
"The most vulnerable area of concern for cybersecurity is the internal threat. That doesn’t necessarily
mean that employees are actively trying to compromise an employer’s network (though they might),
but that these people are susceptible to assisting a cybercriminal accidentally. From clicking on
malicious links, plugging in infected USB drives, to divulging configuration details over the phone,
a trusted employee can be a cybercriminal's best assistant.”
– Sitima Fowler, CEO apstone IT
Adopt Multi-Factor Authentication for Your
Business Network and Office 365 Applications
  • MFA renders a stolen password useless and reduces your likelihood of a data breach by 99.9%
  • Easy adoption mobile device 'push notification' options for identity verification in seconds
  • Lock down your business network with verifiable access
Xvand’s Managed Applications
Xvand provides enterprise (Fortune 500) level security by managing all software installations. This precludes your staff from mistakenly allowing malicious virus applications like ransomware (Cryptolock, etc.)from running within your network.
Staff Risk Assessment
Xvand's Risk Assessment Trial Includes:
  • Initial employee assessments to establish a benchmark of individual’s recognition of malicious emails
  • Training campaigns using short, staged, real-world phishing attacks to improve awareness of illegitimate emails
  • High-level overview and granular breakdown of employees in real-time to monitor their progress
Frequent Staff Education
User Awareness is the Human Firewall
Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into giving up confidential information or breaking a normal security procedure, and it is the tool of choice for cybercriminals. It is easier to exploit the natural human inclination to trust than to hack.

The Xvand Cybersecurity Self Defense Class

  • Review of social engineering attacks and their use of deception, urgency and distractions, so they are easier to spot by your employees
  • Using real life examples and engaging videos relatable to all users
  • Educate end users as to how to better protect themselves from cybercriminals.
  • Two-page handout after the class for future reference

“The presentation your firm made to my Roundtable could not have been better. You highlighted the real issues and provided “real life” examples of how a system can be compromised. We all enjoyed it and learned a lot.”
George Connelly Jr., Chamberlain Hrdlicka

“Xvand’s Cybersecurity Self Defense Class was first rate! Informative as well as entertaining, I highly recommend carving out the time to hear what Dan and his team have to say on this critical topic.”
Michael Griffin, SilverOak Financial Group

How Safe is your Data
Schedule a virtual or in-person Xvand Cybersecurity Self Defense
Class for your business or group
As a managed service provider of IT services, Xvand is unique, in that the all-cloud desktop and network was built from the ground up for highly effective managing of applications and security measures to counter cybercrime.