Houston Computer Services - Client Portfolio
Companies worldwide trust our Houston computer services to help them maximize the value of IT and improve user efficiency and productivity.
Helping our customers compete in today's technology-driven marketplace means customizing IT solutions to each unique business process and industry. From securing networks to providing unlimited mobility, from 5 user-companies to 500, we create a solution to fit your individual business style.
Our customer satisfaction rating consistently rates higher than most companies' "up-time". Learn how our Houston information technology services bring value to your industry.
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Jones Verra & Freiberg
“Xvand made it an easier process that it would have been otherwise; they were the silver lining in this cloud [Hurricane Katrina]. Everyone's taken care of us in a truly efficient manner.”
-Andrew Kramer JVF Katrina Victim
Irving Fishman
“We didn't have the expertise or resources to keep our network up-to- date with ever-growing record keeping and patient privacy regulations. With IsUtility®, I can focus on running my practice.”
-Irving J. Fishman MD,PA
“I can't imagine growing as rapidly as we have without IsUtility®. We've realized new technological and strategic advantages over the competition, and I never worry about security, backups, or maintaining my system anymore.”
-Kamran Sassoon, President Centage Corp.
“As an e-retailer, our business relies on our computer system. We're no longer bogged down by computer downtime or security threats. With IsUtility®, I can focus on growing my business.”
-Brian Gavin, Executive VP
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