Our steps for Xvand customers

health check
The first step in becoming an Xvand customer is a thorough health check of all of the elements of your current IT environment
systems and software
We find out what systems and software your business actually uses and needs
health of your IT system
We make sure that the overall health of your IT system is up to date and fit for the needs of your company
check IT environment
We work with your IT and/or employees to check your IT environment for overall performance, reliability, potential issues, and opportunities
performance benchmark comparisons
We provide a report on the status of your entire system with performance benchmark comparisons vs other similar companies
cost savings
Often the audit identifies services that are out of date or unused and can be discontinued or replaced as a source of significant cost savings

Standard Audit

System overview
State and age of servers
State of IT environment
General Performance
Network setup
Wi-Fi setup
Phone system
Equipment adequacy
Redundancy and DR
Convenience and Productivity
Overall user experience
Server Permissions
Firewall/IPS setup
Network zoning
Domain permissions
External Access
Physical Access
Simple external/internal vulnerability test
Wi-Fi security
Protection from common attacks, such as Ransomware and Zero-Day exploits

Extra Project

We can also provide a more in-depth and comprehensive audit if your company has had ongoing performance or compliance issues. Please let us know what specific areas or requirements you might have. This service is priced on per project basis.