Has your business ever been hurt by a local IT system failure, or server downtime?

Xvand’s service offers a redundant infrastructure with real-time fail-over which guarantees at least 99.999% uptime by our industry-leading Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

All of the IsUtility® Servers, Applications and Data are housed in Tier-4 Data Centers. IsUtility® is built with fully redundant infrastructure, utilizing real-time-fail-over within single Data Center. This system allows Xvand to offer industry leading SLAs with a proven track record. Our customers do not need to rely on local systems anymore and can access IsUtility® system from anywhere. The centralized system allows for quicker, more efficient management and creates greater flexibility in response to changing business needs.

How does computer 'downtime' affect your bottom line?

Below is an example of how four hours of downtime affects a 25-user company:
Downtime affects